Denmark & Sweden
Denmark & Sweden
Denmark & Sweden


- Denmark, Sweden

VIALTIS offers all trucks with a gross vehicle weight over 12 t the VIALTIS Tolls Card as an easy way of buying the Eurovignette.

VIALTIS offers all vehicles the Brobizz, which is an electronic device that has to be mounted in the windshield of the vehicle.
For the Great Belt Bridge (Denmark), Öresund Bridge (Denmark-Sweden) and Svinesund Bridge (Sweden-Norway), the Brobizz does not need to be issued to the registration number of the vehicle.

Your benefits

  • Possible to link the VIALTIS Tolls card to the registration number of the vehicle
  • Sign up for our VAT service and obtain VAT Refund
  • Obtain rebate with the Brobizz
  • Use the VIALTIS Tolls Card in the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland (A2), Saint Bernard Tunnel, Karavanke Tunnel and for buying the Eurovignette