Complete management of all your VAT claims – from deposit to refund

With VAT+ you get your VAT refunded twice a month.
VIALTIS provides complete management of all your VAT applications from deposit to refund in 32 countries.

Your benefits as a VIALTIS VAT+ customer

  • You strengthen your business with VAT refunds with competitive fees
  • Immediate liquidity improvement
  • Low administration costs

With more than 30 years’ experience and a very specialized staff, we make sure that the process of getting you VAT refund, is as easy as possible:

1) You send all your invoices to VIALTIS in order for us to investigate and prepare your invoices

2) VIALTIS processes your applications. Working in your interest, we have strict deadlines, which need to be respected to obtain the fastest and largest VAT refund

3) VIALTIS manages all correspondence in different languages with the VAT authorities, and our frequent dialogue with the VAT authorities’ masses for you

4) VIALTIS takes the responsibility for any reviews or appeals

5) VIALTIS returns your VAT amount twice a month

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