Bulgaria has introduced a new satellite-based toll system for motorways and national roads

From 1st of March 2020, vehicles with a permissible weight over 3.5 tonnes will be charged for the use of paid sections of the national road network on the basis of the distance traveled. Tolls replace electronic vignettes.

The amount of tolls depends on the

  • weight of the vehicle
  • Euro norm
  • number of axles,
as well as the type of road - motorways or first class roads.

Users will pay for 3115 km - 803 km of motorways and 2312 km of first class roads.

Payment can be done via two ways, OBU and route pass (ticketing system).

There are two national service providers in Bulgaria who are in a position to issue OBUs to transport companies to use in Bulgaria so far. The Government has given time until end of march to transport companies to procure an OBU.

Currently a transport company can purchase a Route pass which is pretty much like the German system and can pay for the ticket using a Bank card or credit card. Our C2A Mastercard covers this option.