Here’s one more reason to look forward to summer

To make the upcoming summer even better, we are giving our new customers a summer special.
We are aware about the financial struggles that have occurred on top of the pandemic, so we would like to lend a helping hand.

Order a Telepass device through VIALTIS and get a favorable discount, and take advantage of this device alongside one or more of our services: VAT recovery, minimum wages, ferry and diesel solutions.

Choose our minimum wages service and make your travels even easier

Our Minimum Wages service includes VIALTIS taking care of the provision of the documentations and communication with the authorities in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Netherlands.
We support you in your own language, and can provide you support for the translation of the documents when required by the Authorities.

More than 2000 companies have joined our Minimum Wages service and we can assure you of an in-depth knowledge of the topic.

Let’s make this a good summer for everyone, drivers included.

Contact us for a more detailed description of the summer special.