Hungary introduces requirements for registration of foreign transport companies

The Hungarian hauliers' organization has just announced that Hungary has introduced requirements for electronic registration of foreign hauliers performing transport to/from, transit and cabotage in Hungary. The requirement applies per 1st January 2021.

The requirement applies to hauliers from all countries until 3rd February 2021. From 4th February 2021, the requirement does not apply when the transports are carried out on a community license, except in the case of cabotage transports.

The attached link shows the Hungarian information. Here is stated where the companies must register. It is further stated that fines of HUF 800,000 (EUR 2,238) will be imposed for non-registration. However, it appears that the enforcement will probably only take place from 15th February 2021, but that it has not been officially confirmed.

For registration, this website is used.