Important Update for Dover - Calais Route

We have received a letter from the Dover Harbour Board in relation to a Ferry Tariff Review which applies to all ferry services operating within the port of Dover.

COVID-19 has resulted in reduced volumes on all routes, which has resulted in Dover Harbour Board serving all shipping companies a notice of a £5 (€6.00 for Euro paying customers) increase in wharfage charges across all freight unit types.
This increased charge applies to trucks, unaccompanied trailers or vans traveling through the Port of Dover as from 19 July 2020.

Being impacted by this additional fee like any other actors of the market, VIALTIS will re-invoice our customers this new fee in full charge (£5 or €6) as from the above mentioned date.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding, continued support and loyalty, whilst reminding you that we remain available if you require any further clarification on the above.