New German Minimum Wage rates

Yesterday the German Minimum Wage Commission decided to raise the hourly wages in four steps for reaching 10.45 Euros per hour.

The statutory minimum wage should gradually increase during the next two years starting from January 1st 2021, according to the following timetable:
January 1st 2021: 9.50 Euros per hour
July 1st 2021: 9.60 Euros per hour
January 1st 2022: 9.82 Euros per hour
July 1st 2022: 10.45 Euros per hour

This means that for drivers on transport sector activity on German territory (cabotage, international transport with unloading or loading in Germany and loading or partial unloading in this country) will receive a higher salary according to the MiLoG (minimum wage act).

The decision on the Minimum Wage Commission has been taken unanimously.

For reminder, the currently minimum wage rate in Germany is 9.35 Euro per hour.