PumpV APP is here!

This APP is aimed at getting codes to refuel, without using SMS



As your security is our top priority, the PumpV administrator on your company has to authorize the drivers in your system. 


In order to get Password for the driver, your administrator has to activate it in PumpV system.


You have to follow 4 steps:


1. Open "Driver" section

2. Click on the "Driver name"

3. Find section "Driver activation codes"

4. Click on button "NEW"


The driver has to Enter this code as a Password on the PumpV APP. And...you are ready to use the APP! 



The Network has been increased! Where can you refuel?


  • Spain:  Globaltank & Petromiralles
  • France: BP Stations & RomacFuel
  • Belgium: G&V Stations & RomacFuel
  • Luxembourg: GULF
  • Austria: Austropetrol
  • Italy: CICCALE
  • Denmark: OK stations
  • Ukraine: SOCAR stations 


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