VIALTIS and ASTRE sign a partnership

The Association of European Transporters, ASTRE, has signed an agreement with VIALTIS to offer its services to all partners in the Iberian Peninsula

This agreement will now allow ASTRE members based in Spain and Portugal to benefit from advantageous conditions in multiple services related to the motorway payments methods in Europe, foreign VAT recovery, Excise duty taxes, Ferry Booking, Diesel and minimum wages in Europe.

The members of Astre Iberian Peninsula will be able to access their key services and in their own language, without any linguistic barrier coming to hinder access to benefits.

Some of these key services are:

  • Minimum wages in Europe, taking inconsideration the different European regulations applicable in the EU countries.

  • Flexible solutions for the payment of diesel through more than 15,000 service stations throughout the European territory.

  • Simplification in the payment of tolls, tunnels and bridges across different countries unifying the payment services of these rates through this provider, including orders, invoices and online transactions.

  • VAT recovery, finance VAT recovery and Excise duty taxes (France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia and Hungary) through management developed from start to finish by Vialtis itself, covering more than 31 countries.

  • With this signature, Vialtis increase its list of partners and collaborators, since with this agreement it benefits Astre members for being members of the association in the Iberian Peninsula, upon gaining contact with 19 companies associated with Astre and its 25 client subsidiaries.

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