Your digital key for refueling in Europe

VIALTIS has launched a new PumpV app that supports both remote control and SMS code function when refuelling on your trip in Europe.

With the new app you get an overview of all fuelling station networks on your trip.
C4T Calais in France is the first PumpV network that supports remote control fuelling for B2B customers, which can be done without the site operator present.

With PumpV no fuel cards are needed and all purchases can be authorized by SMS.
This reduces the resources needed for fuel purchase administration to the minimum.

You can at any time access the system and make necessary updates in real time from anywhere - in minutes!

Build your own fuel station network and authorize/unauthorize drivers with a few clicks.
You will have immediately available reports at hand.

Contact + 33 (0)4 86 57 40 00 or to learn more about our new PumpV app.

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