Hungary: new weight in motion system

The TSM (weight in motion) system was launched in Hungary on 19.09.2017

This system can automatically identify those trucks which are overweighted by several sensors installed under the road surface on toll roads and also cameras. There are 89 control points in all over Hungary.


The main 3 goals of the system are:


  • Improving the safety of the traffic, reducing accident risk
  • Preventing road surface damages
  • Filter out those road hauliers who can get business advantages with overweighted trucks


The trucks are measured automatically, while driving, no need to stop. The sensors, and cameras can check the weight of the truck, and identify it.


This system is under governmental control (Ministry of National Development) and there won't be any fine until the end of 2017, there will only send notifications until this date but, from next year, the road hauliers with overweighted trucks will receive fines of HUF 30 - 500,000.


You can find the map with the 89 control points here: