The French Government is discussing to invoice 40€ per posted driver in France (loi Macron) from January 2018

In order to obey the Macron law, all the posted drivers in France are oblied to use the SIPSI website since January 1st 2017, to declare their travels on the French territory (except transit).


Recently, the IRU has communicated that a project is being discussed to invoice an amount of 40€ per posted driver declared through SIPSI starting from January 2018.


So far, this information has not been confirmed by Ministerial Order and consequently has not been published by the French government.


There will probably be intense discussions between the French government and the EU Transport associations on this topic, and VIALTIS will follow them carefully.


We will keep you informed about any change in regulations, as we have been doing regularly for our Minimum wages representation service.


If you need any further information, don't hesitate to contact us.