Our Company


VIALTIS - Your One Stop Solution Provider

VIALTIS is an independent group, exclusively dedicated to international transport companies. Since 1982, we have developed longstanding business relationships with small to large hauliers across all Europe. Since 2012, VIALTIS has been a part of the ITD Group.

The ITD Group is one of Europe’s strongest transport organisations with a unique mix of being both an association and a business. Today, the association represents Danish transport companies operating both internationally and nationally. Among other services, our commercial companies, FDE and VIALTIS supply VAT refund and payment solutions to transport companies throughout Europe. The “association” and the “business” sides of the ITD Group have always complemented each other. It is that synergy which has made us such a major transport organisation.

Our Aspiration

VIALTIS is one of the preferred and most respected partners within administrative services to the transport sector, because of our:
  • High quality standards
  • Excellent and reliable service
  • Highly competent employees
  • …and because we care.

Our Mission

VIALTIS’ core business is offering locally customized solutions to the logistics and transportation industries through profitable business models, giving added value to our customers and improving their competitiveness.

Our Values

Our values provide the foundation of our business. They guide us in our decisions, actions, behaviour, and they bring our employees together with the purpose constantly to create quality to our customers:


  • Responsibility: The employees acknowledge their responsibility to find the best solution for customers and partners in collaboration with their colleagues. We focus on quality, efficiency, performance and we take responsibility for our agreements and common goals.
  • Communication: We communicate openly, honestly and clearly with customers, partners and colleagues.
  • Respect: We respect our colleagues, customers and partners and their needs. We respect each task and comply with the agreements.
  • Cooperation: We show team spirit and work together for the benefit of our customers, partners, colleagues and the company’s profit. Mutual trust, recognition, pride in our work and common results contribute to an effective cooperation in VIALTIS.
  • Development: We constantly want to develop our services and the skill of our employees. The employees are responsible for the company’s success, which is why we focus on commitment, motivation and innovation.