Road Tolls in Slovenia
Road Tolls in Slovenia
Road Tolls in Slovenia

Truck road tolls service in Slovenia

Use the VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card to pay motorway, tunnel and bridge tolls in Slovenia. Travel freely on the Slovenian toll road network and make your planning of travels smoother and less time consuming with the VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card!

With VIALTIS truck road tolls service we offer VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card to pay tolls in Slovenia. This allows you to drive trips through Slovenia with only the use of this single card to pay all road toll.

How do you pay motorway, tunnel and bridge tolls in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, the length of the toll road network is 623,3 kilometers divided into 128 toll sections with a modern electronic tolling system. On the 1st of April 2018, the Republic of Slovenia has implemented an electronic tolling of vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 3.5 tons to handle these sections. The tolling system is called DarsGo.

The road toll amounts to pay are determined by the sections of routes driven, as well as the class of the vehicle and the emission class. To make the tolling possible, all vehicles need a DarsGo unit installed onboard.

Each section on the toll road has a tolling gantry above the motorway where the vehicles pass. The gantry detects the DarsGo unit installed as the vehicle passes. Tolling is completely automatic on the sections.

With VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card you can both post- or prepay the Slovenian road tolls. By linking the card to the DarsGo OBU you can postpay the road tolls, and you can prepay by using the card for topping up OBU credit.

Pay truck road tolls and much more in Slovenia with the C2A Card

VIALTIS offers the C2A Card where you combine all the advantages of a fuel card, toll card, hotel card and a bank card etc. in one. With the C2A Card you pay your fuel at a lower cost, optimize your budgets and manage your cards in real time.

This card can be used in +210 countries and at +50 fuel partner networks all over Europe. Use this card to pay Slovenian tolls as well.