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Road Tolls Service
Road Tolls Service


Road Tolls Service

VIALTIS provides complete management of your payment devices. We order, administrate and handle all of your payment devices for motorway, tunnel and bridge toll and road taxes

With the truck road tolls Europe service from VIALTIS, you do not have to consider which means of payment you need on your journey.
VIALTIS is a full truck tolls service solution provider with total solutions for motorways, tunnels and bridges for transport companies and hauliers, and we will equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge for your trips.

Your benefits choosing VIALTIS road tolls service

  • Improved cash flow
  • Maximum discount and rebates
  • One single point of contact for all toll matters
  • Transparent and easy overview of your total toll and road taxes in Europe
  • We manage all the means of payments for roads, tolls and tunnels and bridges all over Europe

How hauliers obtain maximum time and discounts on trips through Europe?

Use VIALTIS truck tolls devices and toll cards to lighten your travels through Europe

In many of the European countries, it is required to pay fees to cover the use of certain motorways, tunnels and bridges to maintain the good standards. For each country, the way of paying these fees varies – either you pay cash, credit card or with the use of a device on your windshield which automatically bills to an account.
Therefore, to keep yourself covered when on the European roads, and to make your trip as smooth as possible, VIALTIS offers expert knowledge on the subject and all the truck road tolls Europe solutions needed to pay your way through the European roads where you have to pay truck tolls.

VIALTIS offers several devices and cards to help you pay your motorway, tunnel and bridge tolls on your journeys. With a device and card you receive maximum discounts when paying your fees, besides the many other benefits that follow of our truck tolls service.

VIALTIS provides complete management of your payment devices. We order, administrate and handle all of your payment devices for toll and road taxes in order for you to focus on your customers and your core business. You have a transparent and easy overview of your total toll consumption on our online customer service tool MyVIALTIS, where you have a private login. On MyVIALTIS you can monitor your transactions by badge registration number and fleet, and you have online access to your invoices and payments. Fast and simple, from any online computer, tablet or smartphone.

As VIALTIS pays your initial invoices, before passing the invoices on to you, you get improved payment deadlines and a better cash flow.
We have full access to rebates and discounts! We help you apply for all the toll discounts and rebates you qualify for in Europe. This will give you great savings on the European roads.

We subscribe you to the biggest foreign consorzio – FDE Consorzio – for free! And you get the largest discounts possible.

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How do you pay motorway, tunnel and bridge tolls in Europe?

General tollgates information for drivers in Europe

Tollgates are one of the more familiar toll types seen in Europe, where one pays along a certain section of road. The countries in Europe that have tollgates on some of their roads are France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Norway, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The prices charged varies from country to country and depends on which road is being used, as well as the size of your vehicle and the distance travelled in some cases.

General information about toll stickers for drivers in Europe

Stickers are another way to pay your way through tolls in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland. These stickers are also known as Vignettes, and are displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle. Vignettes are usually available for time-periods of a week, a month or one year. Local police do check and inspect for the vignettes, and if missing it will result in heavy fines. Electronic vignettes in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia have superseded the original vignettes, which is part of our assortment at VIALTIS.

General information about OBU devices for drivers in Europe

One of the more preferred options for long and frequent trips through Europe is an electronic toll collection device (ETC), which is a device placed in the windshield of the vehicle and automatically read by the tollbooths and determines whether the vehicle is enrolled in the program, and electronically debiting the accounts of the registered vehicle owners. These devices are reffered at as OBU's (on-board units).
The benefits of the devices include minimal delay at the tollbooths, as no stop is required when passing through.

Some of our toll payment solutions include Telepass devices, BroBizz, viaBOX, GoBox, Toll2Go, KCS OBU and Toll Collect as well as C2A Card, Fréjus & Mont Blanc Card and VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card.