Road Tolls in Norway

Truck road tolls service in Norway

Use a Brobizz to pay motorway, bridge and ferry tolls in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. Travel freely on the Norwegian toll road network and make your travels smoother and less time consuming with the BroBizz device!

With VIALTIS truck road tolls service we offer the BroBizz device to pay your road tolls in Norway. Drive smooth trips through Norway and the rest of Scandinavia with this device.

How do you pay motorway and bridge tolls in Norway?

The length of the Norwegian toll roads network is 911 kilometers and is a toll barrier. All vehicles travelling in Norway have to pay road tolls with mandatory toll tags. The toll tags as well as the vehicles registration number is recorded by cameras at the toll stations, so with a toll tag, one will avoid potential fines of 16.000 NOK.
All vehicles must register their Euro class and fuel type at in order to be charged the correct rate by the toll road operators.

All trucks with a gross vehicle weight over 3.5 tons have to pay tolls with the mandatory toll tags. This can be done with the electronic BroBizz device, which is a small device using DSRC technology.

BroBizz truck device for road tolls in Norway

VIALTIS offers you the electronic device BroBizz to pay road tolls in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
Use the device to automatically pay road tolls and bridges when crossing them on your journey. The device can be used on the Great Belt Bridge which links the eastern and western parts of Denmark together, the Øresund Bridge which connects Denmark with Sweden as well as the Kronprinsesse Mary bridge.

Telepass SAT device for the Svinesund connection in Norway

Telepass SAT: exclusive geolocation and fleet management services for vehicles over 3.5 tons

With a Telepass SAT device you can pay the Svinesund connection in Norway as well as toll in 13 other countries: Øresund and the Great Belt Bridges in Denmark and Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Poland and KCS System including Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium with the use of only one device.
With its GNSS technology, all the countries you would need to add for your trips can be done remotely, which means that the device will always be up to date and there is no need to change it any time soon. The Telepass SAT is a forever evolving device so more countries will be added in the future. The European interoperability is coming.