TITAN Lastvogne

TITAN Lastvogne Dantech® partner

TITAN Lastvogne (TITAN Trucks) is based in Ringsted, Denmark, and has 40 employees. The core competence of the company is sales, service and repairs to i.a. VOLVO trucks. TITAN Lastvogne has entered a co-operation with DL Group™ and had Dantech® installed with start-up December 1, 2013. 

Claus Vinter, Workshop Manager, explains the following about the co-operation: 


"A representative from DL Group visited us, and presented the Dantech® concept to us. Immediately, we were enthusiastic about the system, since we would be able to gather all service in one system and this would bring us as well as our customers a transparent and good overview of the service status of each of the customers' trucks. 


At the same time, the Dantech® concept is very user friendly, and the training in using the system takes place on line. Therefore, the training is very flexible and we could attend the E-learning programme, when we had some extra time instead of having to leave the workshop for several days to attend course. 


The tag system is easy to handle, and Dantech® provides a transparent overview of both existing as well as future service. This leads you through a comprehensive service, in a professional and correct manner, to ensure that everything is checked and documented correctly. 


The benefits of our customers are many with Dantech®; they always have access to the latest updated certificates, no matter where in the world they might be, they have an overview of the service status of all their trucks, and they are automatically informed when it is time for the next service. Our customers appreciate this very much. 


We want to be perceived as professional and competitive service partners, and the One Stop Shopping con­cept helps us with this. Our turnover is increasing, as we have more to offer through the co-operation with Dantech®. 

The co-operation with DL Group works really well. They listen, when we have some requirements and they always provide help and support, if we have any questions regarding the use of the system. 

We definitely recommend this cooperation to others".