Road Tolls in Switzerland

Road tolls service for trucks in Switzerland

Use the VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card to pay the Great St Bernard Tunnel in Switzerland. Travel freely between Switzerland and Italy with the Great St Bernard Tunnel by using the VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card on all your trips!

With VIALTIS road tolls service we offer both VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card and the C2A Card to pay the Great St Bernard Tunnel. With only the use of a single card, the C2A Card makes it possible to pay fuel, hotels and much more as well.

How do you pay motorway and tunnel tolls in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, vehicles must purchase and display a vignette to travel on the motorways. The vignette costs CHF 40 and can be purchased at most border crossings, post offices and gas stations as well as online. If you are caught driving without a vignette on the motorways in Switzerland, it will result in a CHF 200 fine on top of the price of the vignette which additionally has to be purchased.

On the E27 route, the Great St Bernard Pass road tunnel linking Martigny with Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses comprises a section. With VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card you can pay the tunnel toll, and benefit of the use of the card in multiple other countries in Europe.

Pay the Great St Bernard Tunnel and much more in Switzerland with the C2A Card

VIALTIS offers the C2A Card where you combine all the advantages of a fuel card, toll card, hotel card and a bank card etc. in one. With the C2A Card you pay your fuel at a lower cost, optimize your budgets and manage your cards in real time.

This card can be used in +210 countries and at +50 fuel partner networks all over Europe.