Tashev Trans

VIALTIS support Tashev Trans to focus on his core business! 

The European road haulage firm, Tashev Trans, optimises its cost management thanks to the VAT recovery system implemented by VIALTIS all across Europe. 

VIALTIS, a leader in Europe for the recovery of foreign VAT, offers this service to its road haulage customers operating in the 27 countries of the European Union, plus Switzerland and Norway. Taking advantage of its expertise in European tax procedures, VIALTIS enables its customers to optimise cash management by means of fastest reimbursement system of their foreign VAT, without having to wait for payment from the tax authorities. 


Based in Vratsa, Bulgaria, Tashev Trans, which, since 2000, has been handling international road haulage operations across Europe with a fleet of 110 vehicles, takes full advantage of the VAT recovery system implemented by VIALTIS. "Our geographic location, close to Romania and Hungary, enables us to fill up our vehicles with fuel in locations where it is most cost effective," explained Anatoli Tashev, General Manager of Tashev Trans. "In addition, with a fleet spread across Europe and fuel fill-up points distributed all over the continent, the VAT recovery service provided by VIALTIS constitutes a major economic plus point for the company. We started using the service offered by VIALTIS in 2010 in Romania and Hungary and then extended it to include other countries in Europe regularly served by Tashev Trans, namely Germany, Benelux, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Switzerland". 


As tax representative, VIALTIS provides full management of VAT refund claims on behalf of Tashev Trans -from the filing of refund claims to financing of the amounts to be reimbursed. VIALTIS proposes full monitoring of reimbursement files by country, type of invoice and date, from the new VAT section of the MyVialtis.com online portal. Three options are proposed for the reimbursement of foreign VAT: 


"Thanks to VIALTIS, our administrative staff no longer have to deal with complex tasks and procedures and are better able to focus on the organisation of transport and the search for freight. We are very satisfied with the service provided by VIALTIS, a first-rate European partner that will enable the company to sustain its long-term growth thanks to good control over costs, fuel costs in particular. In addition, thanks to VIALTIS we have the benefit of high discounts on fuel that have a direct impact on the profitability of our business", said Anatoli Tashev, General Manager of Tashev Trans. 

The recovery of foreign VAT for haulage companies is one of a wide range of services offered to its European customers by VIALTIS: fuel brokerage, ferry and train reservations, fuel cards, road tolls and taxes, the recovery of tax on diesel, operating studies and recommendations.