Road Tolls in Slovakia

Truck road tolls service in Slovakia

Use the VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card to pay road tolls in Slovakia. Travel freely on the Slovakian toll road network and make your planning of travels smoother and less time consuming with the VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card!

With VIALTIS truck road tolls service we offer VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card to pay road tolls in Slovakia. This allows you to drive trips through Slovakia with only the use of this single card to pay all road toll.

How do you pay motorway, tunnel and bridge tolls in Slovakia?

For driving on Slovak motorways and expressways is mandatory to have a valid motorway vignette. Tolls are charged on trucks and buses > 3.5 t on 2,600 km of motorways, expressways and major roads altogether. The toll system is called MYTO and is based on a unique combination of satellite-based GPS and microwave technology.

Toll payment for vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 t is made via a SkyToll on-board unit. Mileage rate for determining the toll price is derived from the weight, number of axles and the emission class of the vehicle, for buses an advantage rate is set. Toll roads for vehicles over 3.5 t include motorways, expressways and 1st - 3rd class roads. For vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t, driving restrictions apply for some days. Information on the toll system can be found at
All you need to do is register your SkyToll OBU online which can be done easily with VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card. We will help you take care of this! With VIALTIS Multiservice Tolls Card you can pay the eurovignette and also benefit of the use of the card in multiple other countries in Europe.