VAT Refund
VAT Refund
VAT Refund


- Complete management of all your VAT applications

VIALTIS provides complete management of your VAT applications from deposit to refund in 31 countries. You have your own contact person who speaks your language, knows your company and handles the process of applying refund of your VAT and Excise duty.
VIALTIS has all the contact to the VAT authorities and secures that you receive maximum refund.

Consult here the countries which refund VAT

VAT Payment Frequency
VAT+ You receive your VAT amounts twice a month
Normal VAT You receive your VAT amounts after the authorities have refunded the amounts


Your benefits:

  • 99,9 % of the VAT amounts that VIALTIS applies for are refunded
  • VIALTIS finances VAT for all VIALTIS approved diesel invoices. Your Money - Your Decision!
  • Only ONE VAT agent for all of Europe
  • Your own VAT expert