VAT And Excise Duty Refund
VAT And Excise Duty Refund
VAT And Excise Duty Refund

Refund Of Vat And Excise Duty On Diesel Oil

VIALTIS provides complete management of all your VAT refund applications from deposit to refund in 32 countries. You have your own contact person who speaks your language, knows your company and handles the process of applying refund of your VAT and excise duty on diesel oil. VIALTIS has contact with all VAT authorities and ensures that you get the maximum refund.

Your benefits choosing VIALTIS VAT Refund service

  • 99.9 per cent of the VAT amounts that VIALTIS applies for are refunded.
  • VAT refund from all European countries possible.
  • VAT refund on all goods and services possible.
  • You have far less administration.
  • VIALTIS finances VAT for all VIALTIS approved diesel invoices. Your money - your decision!
  • Your own contact person working in your interest to ensure the largest possible refund of your VAT.

VIALTIS provides complete management of all your VAT claims – from deposit to refund, in all European countries where possible

Matters of invoicing and VAT regulations are very complex, for even the most experienced companies. The different VAT authorities have different requirements, and often they only communicate in their local languages.

Which services and goods you can get your VAT refunded and excise duty refund on varies a lot and the VAT legislation changes all the time, but as a customer at VIALTIS you do not have to worry about this. You get a minimum of possible administration, you just have to send in all of your invoices and we assure that you get all your VAT amounts back on all services and goods possible.

Another major benefit of having your VAT refund managed by VIALTIS, is the possibility of getting excise duty refund in all countries possible.
We support you by analyzing whether there are economic benefits for you in applying for this.

» See which countries you can apply for VAT refund

Keep up to date with VIALTIS as your service provider for refund of VAT and exicise duty

Our highly expert technical VAT team sends you monthly updates of changes on VAT refunds in Europe. This way you can change your purchasing pattern when you drive in Europe, and get the largest VAT refund possible.

The VAT refund processes are technically very complex and difficult to explain in different languages. Therefor we have more than 80 VAT experts who speak 21 different languages. You have your own contact person, who understands your business and has contacts at the VAT authorities - and on your behalf, your contact person ensures that you receive the largest VAT refund and excise duty refund. We work in your interest.

Are you sure that your company gets all the different VAT refunds and refund of excise duty from all the countries where you are active?

Do you know that you can get a VAT refund on for example AdBlue, rent and leasing of trucks and trailers, parking fees, advertising and fair costs, use of taxies, hotels and consumption of food? Tunnels, mobiles, tolls, diesel and a lot more!

With more than 30 years’ experience and a very specialized staff, we make sure that the process of getting you VAT refund, is as easy as possible:

1) You send all your invoices to VIALTIS in order for us to investigate and prepare your invoices.

2) VIALTIS processes your applications. Working in your interest, we have strict deadlines, which need to be respected to obtain the fastest and largest VAT refund.

3) VIALTIS manages all correspondence in different languages with the VAT authorities, and our frequent dialogue with the VAT authorities’ masses for you.

4) VIALTIS takes the responsibility for any reviews or appeals.

5) VIALTIS returns your VAT amount.

As the different VAT authorities in the European countries have very different procedures and requirements, they also have very different deadlines for payment of VAT refunds. Therefor VIALTIS has different service offerings for you, so you can choose exactly what you need:

  • Normal VAT you receive your VAT amounts after the authorities have refunded the amounts.
  • VAT+ you receive your VAT amounts twice a month.
  • 48 hours prepayment you receive your VAT amounts within only 48 hours after you have submitted your invoice = instant liquidity improvement!

It is important for you to have a transparent overview of your cash flow.
On our customer extranet myVIALTIS, you can follow your refund applications that have been sent by country, type of invoice, date and status. myVIALTIS is a modern tool, which is easy to navigate, where you find all relevant information.

The most important thing for you is to develop your business and your customer portfolio. With VIALTIS, VAT will no longer be about unpleasant paperwork, but instead will become a way of significantly lowering your administrative hassle and improving your cash flow.