Our History

VIALTIS as a timeline

1982: SCODEREC (later VIALTIS), a company dedicated to VAT management for road hauliers is founded in Paris, France.

1996: We launch the first toll department and establish VIAROUTE.

2000: SCODEREC buys the company SEPAC and founds sales companies in Portugal, Italy, Spain and Slovakia.

2001: The company name changes to VIALTIS - merger of the 3 companies: SCODEREC, VIAROUTE and SEPAC.

2007: VIALTIS starts to offer Ferry booking. We establish 4 sales companies in Germany, Poland, Romania and Turkey.

2008: VIALTIS’ shared service center moves to Aix-en-Provence, France.

2010: We launch the Diesel Solution Provider service and our website: www.vialtis.com. The creation of MyVialtis takes place.

2012: VIALTIS is now part of the FDE Group. The VAT department moves to FDE in Padborg, Denmark.

2016: We launch the Minimum Wages service, and go from being a service provider to a Service Solution provider.

2019: We expand the VAT management with a 48 Hours Prepayment service which implies that our customers get their VAT refunded within 48 hours.