Road tolls in Italy
Road tolls in Italy
Road tolls in Italy

Road tolls service for trucks in Italy

Use an OBU truck device and Fréjus & Mont Blanc Card, VIACard or C2A card to pay tolls in Italy. Travel freely on the Italian toll network and make your travels smoother and less time consuming with both a device and card!

With VIALTIS road tolls service we offer multipurpose cards, and Telepass devices that allow you to drive long trips without ever having to pull out your wallet to pay for the tollgates.
With a Telepass device you can travel without stopping at the tollgates and automatically pay motorway, tunnel and bridge tolls and parking in Italy.

How do you pay motorway, tunnel and bridge tolls in Italy?

In Italy, a group of 27 motorway companies runs the Italian toll roads system for trucks. The length of the toll roads network is 6003 kilometers and is a closed system with tollgates at the entries and exits, bridges and tunnels subject to toll, which can be paid with a Telepass device. The amounts to pay are determined by the sections of routes driven, as well as the class of the vehicle and the emission class - which only affects certain sections in the network, such as the Mont Blanc Tunnel and the Tunnel du Fréjus, they require a separate handling. To handle these sections VIALTIS offer the C2A card and the Fréjus & Mont Blanc Card.

Telepass OBU truck devices for road tolls in Italy

Telepass SAT: exclusive geolocation and fleet management services for vehicles over 3.5 tons

With a Telepass SAT device you can pay toll in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, KCS System including Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium, Germany, A4 Cracow-Katowice in Poland, Oresund and Storebaelt Bridges in Denmark, Oresund bridge in Sweden and Svinesund connection for Tolls and Tunnel in Norway with the use of only one device.
With its GNSS technology, all the countries you would need to add for your trips can be done remotely, which means that the device will always be up to date and there is no need to change it any time soon. The Telepass SAT is a forever evolving device so more countries will be added in the future. The European interoperability is coming.

Telepass EU: for vehicles with a gross-weight over 3.5 tons

Vehicles with a gross-weight over 3.5 tons can pay road tolls in Italy with this single device. The device can also be used to pay toll in France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Liefkenshoek tunnel in Belgium and A4 section in Poland with all the maximum discounts you have the right to receive. By choosing VIALTIS road tolls service and purchasing a Telepass EU device, you are granted a discount up to 13% (bi-monthly and monthly).

Telepass Europeo: for vehicles with a gross-weight under 3.5 tons

The Telepass Europeo device is for vehicles with a gross-weight under 3.5 tons and 2 axles. You can pay toll in Italy with this single device, and also use the device to pay toll in France, Spain and Portugal with all the maximum discounts you have the right to receive.
With its DSRC technology, the Telepass Europeo device allows you to pay Libert-T, Via-T and Telepass car parks, Area C in the city of Milano and the ferry crossing over the Strait of Messina.

An alternative to an OBU: the VIACard can be used to pay Italian toll charges

VIACard is a toll card which allows all vehicles to pay tolls in Italy with a few exceptions on Sicily. No deposit is required nor a Telepass OBU. Members of FDE Consorzio will automatically benefit from maximum discounts given by the Italian Government.

Discounts are calculated in proportion of the global invoice of tolls paid during the year. Additional discounts according to Euro Standards.

Pay tunnel tolls in Italy with the Fréjus & Mont Blanc Card or C2A Card

The Alpine tunnels are the tunnels which connect Italy and France. The Mont Blanc Tunnel is a 11,6 km. tunnel that connects Aosta Valley in Italy with Chamonix Valley in France. The Fréjus Tunnel is a 12,9 km. tunnel that connects Bardonecchia in Italy with Modane in France. Trucks with Euro Norm 0, 1 and 2 are not allowed to cross these tunnels. VIALTIS offers all vehicles the Fréjus & Mont Blanc Card for paying toll for the Fréjus Tunnel and Mont Blanc Tunnel. This card is the easiest and cheapest way to pay the tunnels, and we assure you an annual discount up to 13%.

Upon Fréjus & Mont Blanc Card VIALTIS offers the C2A Card where you combine all the advantages of a fuel card, toll card, hotel card and a bank card etc. in one. With the C2A Card you pay your fuel at a lower cost, optimize your budgets and manage your cards in real time.

This card can be used in +210 countries and at +50 fuel partner networks all over Europe. Use this card to pay your way through Italian tolls as well!