Tolls in Poland
Tolls in Poland
Tolls in Poland


- Tolls in Poland

Polish tolls are run by 4 companies. The length of the network are 3 300 km and it is a free-flow system.


All trucks with a gross vehicle weight over 3,5 t have to pay the toll with the VIABOX device. You will avoid pontencial fines of 750€.

VIALTIS takes care to register your vehicles and helps you with all the necessary procedures relating to this tax.

HOW TO PAY TOLLS Krakow-Katovice (A4 Section) in POLAND

This network has a lenght of 61 Km and it's a barrier system where you can pay with VIALTIS Telepass SAT: the only post-pay solution through an electronic device.

Pay tolls in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Poland and KCS System in Belgium with only 1 device: VIALTIS Telepass SAT.

With its GNSS technology all the countries you'd need to add could be done remotly: no need to change the device.

More countries will be added in the near future to the TELEPASS SAT device. The European interoperability is coming.