VIALTIS is a trusted partner of
European market leader, Ekol

Holding the title as the fastest growing Turkish logistics company in Europe and with subsidiaries in 9 European countries, Ekol benefits from their co-operation with VIALTIS - a strong European partner with branches in 11 countries. 

With national offices in France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Slovakia, Morocco and Denmark and sales units in Hungary and Czech Republic and an international co-operation and sharing of knowledge across the branches, VIALTIS supports international companies, like Ekol, wherever they do business.  


Based in Istanbul, since 1990 Ekol has built a strong, international lo­gistics company with the services; transportation, warehouse management, foreign trade and supply chain management. Today, Ekol has a fleet of 3,000 environmental-friendly vehicles, 6,000 multinational employees and warehouses in 9 European countries and they are one of the market leaders in Europe. With this international profile with many branches, Ekol has a need for international service partners who can handle their needs. Manager in Ekol, Furkan Key explains: "We are trying to be not just a leading logistics company in Turkey, but also to be a global logistics player in the market. For this reason, we need strong service partners who act globally and locally. VIALTIS is one of those partners- they have a very good service in their local branches where they have a personalized approach and very flexible and customized offers, but at the same time they have a deep knowledge of the development in each country, where we do business".


Ekol takes advantage of the many branches of VIALTIS, and has a setup where Ekol Turkey is a customer of VIALTIS Turkey, while Ekol Romania is a client of VIALTIS Romania and Ekol Hungary is a client of VIALTIS Slovakia, where there are Hungarian employees. This means that VIALTIS works locally with the Ekol subsidiaries in their own language, but at the same time VIALTIS are able to work with Ekol in a global perspective and give them advantages all across Europe. 


Ekol is an attractive cooperation partner and has many leading multina­tional companies in their customer portfolio and a great deal of this success relies in their ability to provide innovative business models that li­ves up to the requirements of today. A big part of these requirements is an increased focus on the environment from both customers and authorities, and therefore, Ekol has started "Green logistics" which is a range of envi­ronmental implementations in their business, e.g. an environment friendly fleet. However, they think even further than this; as pioneers, they rethink the transport business in general, Furkan Key explains: "We are thinking in alternative means of transportation. We have added the Ro-Ro line among our investments, so we can provide efficient and sustainable solutions by ferry. Also recently, it has become obvious that using intermodal services is crucial for the logistics companies. All our future plans and the investments are for intermodal transportation". 


When Ekol wants to expand their transportation services and use alternative means of transportations, they need a reli­able partner with the right know how. As an independent service provider, VIALTIS is a good match for Ekol, since VIALTIS already provides services for a combination of means of transportation, such as road services, ferry booking and train booking for rail motorways all over Europe. "Almost for five years, we have used the VAT Refund Service of VIALTIS, and we are very happy with their customer service, offers and expertise. Therefore, they are also a very attractive partner for us when talking about the intermodal services; they have the relevant knowledge and we already know that they can make us a customized offer", Furkan Key explains. 

Like Ekol, VIALTIS always thinks in term of customer needs and they also keep one step ahead of the general develop­ment in order to provide services that can take the business of their customers even further.