Road tolls in Czech Republic

Road tolls service for trucks in the Czech Republic

Use the VIALTIS Multi Service Tolls Card to pay road tolls in the Czech Republic. Travel freely on the Czech toll network and make your planning of travels smoother and less time consuming with the VIALTIS Multi Service Tolls Card!

With VIALTIS road tolls service we offer VIALTIS Multi Service Tolls Card to pay tolls in the Czech Republic. This allows you to drive trips through the Czech Republic with only the use of this single card to pay all road toll.

How do you pay motorway, tunnel and bridge tolls in the Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic vehicles with a gross weight of 3.5 tons or more have to pay road tolls. The Czech motorway network requires all vehicles above 3.5 tons must be equipped with a MYTO CZ toll OBU.

With VIALTIS Multi Service Tolls Card you can both post- or prepay the Czech tolls. By linking the card to the MYTO CZ toll OBU you can postpay the tolls, and you can prepay by using the card for topping up OBU credit.

Pay tolls and much more in the Czech Republic with the C2A Card

VIALTIS offers the C2A Card where you combine all the advantages of a fuel card, toll card, hotel card and a bank card etc. in one. With the C2A Card you pay your fuel at a lower cost, optimize your budgets and manage your cards in real time.

This card can be used in +210 countries and at +50 fuel partner networks all over Europe. Use this card to pay Czech tolls as well.