Legal Service
Legal Service
Legal Service

Keep your wheels running with VIALTIS Legal Service

At VIALTIS, we offer legal assistance to our customers in various aspects such as Sunday permits and fines, mechanical assistance like securing cargo and dimensions of the vehicle, posting of workers and much more.
Focus on your business and let our experience be your advantage.

Your benefits choosing VIALTIS Legal Service

  • Legal help throughout your journey.
  • Help to defend and avoid fines.
  • Help to debt collect in Germany.
  • Always up to date on the most recent legislation in every European country.
  • Your own local contact person speaking your language.

Give your competitiveness a notch through technical and legal advice with VIALTIS Legal Service

Have you ever tried to get stopped on the road by authorities and not allowed to continue your journey? Or perhaps you have experienced getting incomprehensible fines? Have you heard about pro-active legal service?

VIALTIS provides technical and legal advice for any given situation you might stand in. With our legal service we are only one contact away and ready to help you. Simply send all the documentation to us by e-mail, and our highly competent legal advisors with extended knowledge and experience in international and national transport will look into the case.

Focus on your business - our experience is your tool

If you are stopped on your journey by authorities, we do our utmost to help you with the permission to drive on or help you reload your goods - whatever is necessary for you to get your goods back on the road.

We keep your wheels turning with VIALTIS Legal Service.

Furthermore, our legal advisors can help you with fine defense and help you avoid fines in the future within driving and rest hours, cabotage and dimensions for instance.

What can we do?

If we can object, we will act on all the required legal steps on your behalf, and otherwise we advise you on how you avoid such fines in the future. We know all the different rules in the European countries, and therefore we can generally help you prevent getting fines which ultimately keeps your wheels running - and gives you a stronger economy and an easier workflow.

We are here to help you use your time wisely. Focus on your business and let our experience be your advantage.

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