6 reasons how to travel smoothly in Europe

This is where you get value for money regarding your travels in Europe!

As a new VIALTIS customer we offer you a favorable discount on a Telepass device when signing up for one- or both our road tolls and minimum wages services.

With a KMaster, Telepass SAT, Telepass EU or Telepass Europeo your travels are instantly smoother – combine the device with our help and expertise on tolls and minimum wages, and you are smooth cruising through Europe!

1) No need to consider which means of payment you need when travelling through Europe as VIALTIS manages orders, invoices, replacements, online transactions etc. with the different operators

2) With a clear and easy platform you are always updated on legislative and regulatory evolutions such as new hourly rates, new countries implementing a national regulation for posted workers and new procedures on national posting worker declarations

3) Pay motorway tolls with a single device in 11 different countries: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway

4) Automatically pay your parking in designated facilities in France and Italy where the fare will be directly charged on your account with no extra fee

5) With the help of dedicated lanes you purchase your ticket for the ferry service across the Strait of Messina automatically, without stopping at the ticket office and without getting out of your vehicle

6) With geolocation, maps and real-time traffic, your freedom of movement goes beyond borders

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