"Transport & Business Day" - an educational and valuable event

On 14.06.2023 our Company participated in the event "Transport & Business Day" organized on behalf of our business partner "Kancelaria Transportowa LEGALTRANS" at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw.

The conference brought together companies representing the TSL industry and related entities.
Within the framework of individual symposia, it was possible to get acquainted with professional opinions on the current situation in the transport sector, as well as to receive many valuable comments presented in the context of short- and long-term forecasts.
The event was crowned with the ceremony of granting the "LWY TRANSPORTU 2023", during which awards were given to outstanding companies in the TSL sector in its broadest sense.

As VIALTIS, we feel honored to have participated in this event, from which we were able to draw a lot of invaluable knowledge and gain a broader insight into other aspects of the transport business.

After the conference, one of our employees, by drawing lots, managed to come into possession of a T-shirt autographed by the multiple world champion in speedway, Bartosz Zmarzlik.
This very item has been put up for auction to support the Hospice for Children in Warsaw.

Click here to see the auction.