COVID-19: VIALTIS stays open as normal

The Coronavirus is an exceptional health crisis in Europe, and at VIALTIS we have taken the necessary precautions to stay open – almost as normal.

VIALTIS stays open as normal. We have prepared for this emergency, so that VIALTIS can maintain normal operation to the extent possible, and we have made sure that the same applies to our business partners and suppliers.

To comply with the health authorities’ recommendations for the coronavirus, VIALTIS employees will work partly at home and partly at the office in the immediate future. You can therefore get in contact with our employees by phone, email and Skype.

However, because of the seriousness of the situation, you will not meet VIALTIS employees in person in the immediate future, as we will limit or stop the number of face-to-face meetings. Instead, we will arrange for as many meetings as possible to take place via Skype or similar.

We look forward to being of continued assistance to you and your company.