European tolls increasement for 2019

Consult here the toll pricing in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden for 2019

Some European tolls will increase their tariffs in 2019 and VIALTIS has received the new pricing for the following countries:




There will be a toll increase in Hungary by 5,8% from 1. January 2019 on HU-Go toll rates.


VIALTIS offers you a unique post pay solution covering more than 6,000 kilometers of tolled roads, including mainly motorways and expressways, HU-GO Box.




Austrian rates depend on the number of axles, number of kilometers traveled and the EURO emission class of the vehicles.


VIALTIS offers you to pay tolls in Austria different options: GO-Box, Toll2GO, Telepass SAT and Telepass EU.


You can consult the Autrian toll prices for 2019 here




Belgium uses the KCS (Kilometric Charging System) which is a free-flow system.


VIALTIS offers you to pay the KCS system the VIALTIS Tolls card which it's accepted to be linked to the Satellic OBU and the Telepass SAT, which doesn't need to be linked to any card.


You can check the Belgium toll prices for 2019 here




German toll charges are based on the distance travelled on the toll road, the number of axles on the vehicle and the Euro emission class.


VIALTIS offers you to pay the Toll in Germany the registration on Toll Collect as «Payment method with payment guarantee» mode so you won't need to pre-pay your trip. Also, we can provide you the Toll2GO and, very soon, we'll be able to include German toll payment in the Telepass SAT allowing you to pay many European tolls with ONLY ONE box.


You can consult the German toll prices for 2019 here




The Eurovignette is a road tax based on a period of time you have to pay if you drive to The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden.


VIALTIS offers you our Tolls Card to pay this tax directly on the official portal.


You can consult the Eurovignette new tariffs for 2019 here


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