Luxembourg: Minimum wages declaration suspended for international transport companies

The hauliers won't need to declare the minimum wages of their posted workers at Luxembourg anymore.

Since January 2018 you, as an International transport company, don't need to make the posted workers minimum wages declaration for the trips to Luxembourg.


The Luxembourg Authorities published the following communication on their "Inspection du travail et des mines" portal:


"The obligations to declare, in respect of the posting of workers and the control of compliance with Luxemburgish minimum wage
 regulations applied to posted hauliers in the context of cross-border transport of goods and persons, as well as cabotage operations within Luxembourg, are suspended."


They wrote as a reason "that the outcome of the discussions held on the European level, on the European Commission’s proposal
for a directive concerning the determination of specific rules to govern the posting of hauliers in the road transport sector, is still outstanding."


As we are in direct contact with Luxembourg Authorities, we will inform you about any update on this declarations on time.


If you need any further information, don't hesitate to contact us.