NEW! Get KMaster Connected on your Telepass SAT device

The most comprehensive solution for managing your fleet’s business!

All services are provided on the Telepass SAT device.

KMaster: The 360° solution to digitalize your fleet in real-time, and an answer to every organizational and logistic need.
From European toll payments, to location services and mission monitoring, to real-time visibility and optimization of operational processes and costs: everything is easier with KMaster!

Choose from two options:

KMaster Business, an all-in-one solution that allows you to:

  • Locate the vehicle in real time
  • Estimate costs of tolls and fuel
  • Calculate the driver’s driving hours and time of rest
  • Receive real time traffic updates and alternative routes
  • Identify POI (Point Of Interest)
  • Plan a mission
  • Communicate with the drivers on remote
  • Produce reports on the activity of each vehicle
  • Use a mobile app for the fleet manager
  • Use a mobile app to communicate with the driver

KMaster Connected, all the features of KMaster Business plus:

  • Connected to CAN-BUS to analyze fuel consumption and the driver's driving style
  • Connected to Tachograph: download of data on remote, storage and analysis

Optional services:

  • Monitoring of the temperature of the trailerv
  • Security Central Office (provides information to the Police on demand, in case the goods are stolen)
  • Sophisticated security measures thanks to the driver's authentication for each vehicle and trailer
  • Warnings in case of diversions
  • Geolocation of the trailer
  • Communication display to and from the driver

With KMaster, all your data is just a click away and you will have all the tools you need to be able to respond to any situation quickly and effectively!

Sounds interesting? Contact us to learn more and to get KMaster Connected by Telepass.