New hourly minimum wage rate in Germany

Increasement of German minimum wage rate for 2019-2020

The German govenment agreed to increase the national minimum wage by 35 cents to 9.19 euros per hour at the start of next year and then to 9.35 euros from 2020.


If you are an employer or a supplier of labour you shall use the German portal to notify customs of your workers deployed in Germany in accordance with the German Minimum Wage regulation.


If you need help or the instructions for fulfilling the German minimum wages declaration, don't hesitate to contact your VIALTIS office.

New regulation of the exemption from toll for natural gas vehicles in Germany
Since 1 January 2019, natural gas powered vehicles have been exempt from the truck toll in Germany (MAUT)
Underutilized Toll Collect toll terminals will be reduced by March 2020
Tariff on the A11 and A12 in Italy for heavy goods vehicles
New tariff updates for the Viapass network valid from 1st of January 2020
Autobrennero motorway in Italy has promoted the URBANPASS initiative
To reduce the inconvenience to commuters travelling on the A22, the Autobrennero motorway in Italy has promoted the “URBANPASS initiative”, which provides a 100% discount on toll for all telepass customers at certain defined times.
Soon it's time for winter tyres
Winter is coming, so it is important to be aware of the rules about winter tyres, especially the new rules in Norway and upcoming rules in Germany and Sweden.
VIALTIS and ASTRE sign a partnership
The Association of European Transporters, ASTRE, has signed an agreement with VIALTIS to offer its services to all partners in the Iberian Peninsula
New Czech Toll system
As of 1 December 2019, Czech Republic is introducing a new electronic toll collection system for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes
By the 29th of August we will be able to process ordering for Scandinavia into Telepass SAT
It has now become even easier to pay road tolls, because more countries have now joined VIALTIS Telepass SAT which opens more possibilities and coverage to the product
Attention: Exceptional traffic regulation G7 France
Following the toll charger communication, we would like to inform you that the organisation of the G7 in Biarritz (24-26 August 2019) will have an impact on the A63 road network in France