Our Telepass SAT device now covers Hungary, Switzerland and Bulgaria as well

This is where you get value for money regarding your travels in Europe!

The VIALTIS Telepass SAT is an indispensable solution for you as a fleet manager.
With this single cross-border onboard unit, you can pay for multiple toll domains. You can reduce time spent on administration, amount of fees and the number of toll boxes on the windshield.

With the Telepass SAT device you can take care of your payments electronically for France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland - and now also Hungary, Switzerland and Bulgaria!
All toll rates are charges through the OBU automatically.

What is special about the VIALTIS Telepass SAT?

  • If you pay tolls using the OBU you will be eligible for discounts in France (up to 13%), Spain (up to 50%), Scandinavia (up to 52%) and in Liefkenshoektunnel (up to 26%)
  • Become a member of the FDE Consorzio and receive discounts up to 13% for your Italian transactions

Order your VIALTIS Telepass SAT by e-mail sales@vialtis.com or phone + 33 (0)4 86 57 40 00, or contact the local VIALTIS sales office in your country.