TELEPASS announcement

Recently, the City of Milan has changed the rules of access to Area C.

Therefore, as of October 1, 2022, the regulations of the City of Milan regarding entry into Area C have changed and provide for two subgroups of vehicles:

  • hybrids with CO2 emissions rate of 100 g/km or less, for which entry into Area C remains free;
  • hybrids with CO2 emissions greater than 100 g/km, a threshold above which a €5 ticket payment becomes mandatory (€2 for residents, after the first 40 accesses).

Following the entry into force of this new rules related to entry into Area C, the City of Milan instructed ATM on October 3, 2022 to close all license plates with active Area C service having the technical characteristics that determine their prohibition to enter and circulate in the ZTL (vehicles from Euro 0 to Euro 5 Diesel) and notify this closure to the email address provided during activation.

The CO2 data is provided to ATM automatically by the Motorizzazione Civile when vehicles transit under Area C gates, so no action is necessary.

The procedures for Area C activation on Telepass Italia and Telepass Europeo devices by sending the completed form to the usual email address remain unchanged.

For any further details on the matter, please refer directly to the City of Milan website at