Telepass Europeo - Travel in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy with a single device

All vehicles with two axles, weighing less than 3.5 t can now travel freely on the motorway network using one device. With the new Telepass Europeo you can automatically pay tolls and parking in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

This new service is in addition to the already existing Telepass EU and Telepass SAT for heavy vehicles, which has been available respectively in seven and eleven countries for several years.

Thanks to the collaboration between numerous motorway companies, the Telepass Europeo operates in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, ideally allowing you to drive long trips without ever having to pull out your wallet to pay for tollbooths.

In addition to tolls, it also allows you to pay in Libert-T, Via-T and Telepass car parks, Area C in the city of Milano and the ferry crossing over the Strait of Messina.
Therefore, the Telepass Europeo for light vehicles can be associated with the already existing Telepass EU and Telepass SAT intended for heavy vehicles.

Few and simple rules with Telepass Europeo

  • Follow the dedicated lanes
  • Proceed at reduced speed (30 km / h in France and Spain, 40 - 60 km / h in Portugal)
  • Keep the safety distance with the vehicle in front (4 meters in France)
  • The Telepass Europeo is valid only with:
    • 2 axles vehicles
    • Weight of less than 3.5 t
    • Height of less than 3 meters

It may happen that in some tollbooths there is no dedicated lane for electronic toll payment, in which case you will have to use the other lanes.

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