Telepass K1 - Get the first few months service fees free

The K1 device offers a new way of interacting: with an App managing the device’s functions it’s both simpler and quicker.

With the App you get:
  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS (keep track of all important events)
  • DEGRADED MODE (always access PAN Number)
  • OBU STATUS (always verify the device’s status and active services)
  • DOCUMENTATION (all the information and manuals that can be useful for your journey will be a click away)
  • SAFETY (the App complies with the highest standards of safety)
  • REMOTE SETUP (update in a simple and quick manner your vehicle’s number of axles and weight class)
  • SEE YOUR VEHICLE’S DATA (The information regarding your vehicle will always be a click away)

... and much more.

Order today and get the first months free of charge!