TELEPASS SAT: OTA Configuration update

From 23 January 2023 a configuration update will be sent OTA (over the air) on Telepass SAT devices with the Scandinavia service active.

For those devices with the Scandinavia service not active, when ordering or activating the service on a device that has already been distributed, the service will already include the update.

This configuration update is necessary in order to implement the Scandinavian Toll Charger's instructions regarding device security level updates.

Please find below all the details:

  • During the update, if correctly connected to the vehicle power supply and switched on, the OBU will receive a notification message with the text 'Vehicle info changed' and a flashing green LED to confirm.
  • However, the vehicle data will not be changed, there will be no impact on tolling and no action will be required except to confirm the flashing green LED.
  • Please note that, in line with the alerting and notification system of the Telepass SAT device, if at the time of sending the OTA update the OBU has red LED, this will override the "vehicle info changed" notification, which will therefore not be shown.

Devices will receive the OTA update gradually, which means that not all Telepass SAT OBUs will receive the update on the same day.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification you may require.