Telepass update: Viacard can no longer be used as a payment method in Italy

We kindly inform you that Telepass has decided that Viacard cannot be used as a payment method in Italy as from 01.02.2021

In consideration of the inputs and indications received from the Sales Partners, the current evolution of the toll collection system and the necessity to provide customers with technologically advanced and interoperable systems, it is Telepass intention to revise the terms and conditions of supply of its services in Italy for all customers.

For these reasons, it has been decided to discontinue the provision of the Telepass Service in Italy by means of Viacard cards.

As of the 01.02.2021 all Viacards are blacklisted and can no longer be used.

Are you equipped with a TELEPASS device for your trips in Italy in 2021?

Before the termination of the Viacard, you can advantageously equip yourself with a Telepass IT OBU to secure your payment options in Italy, as the Telepass IT device can still be used as a payment method in Italy.

At VIALTIS we can recommend the Telepass IT device, which has a € 1.50 + VAT monthly rental fee.