The future is now: 1 toll-device for 7 countries!

Pay tolls in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Poland and KCS System in Belgium with only 1 device: VIALTIS Telepass SAT

Your requests have been heard and now it's a fact: there's ONE device to pay tolls in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Poland (A4 Section) and KCS system in Belgium!, and its name is VIALTIS TELEPASS SAT.


Hereby the map with the network covered in 2018 and with the network will be covered by VIALTIS TELEPASS SAT in the future:



With its NFC and Bluetooth technology all the countries you'd need to add could be done remotly: no need to change the device.


Get the maximum discounts given by the toll suppliers and, with the FDE Consortium, make sure you'll get the maximum discount offered by the Italian Government.


And with MyVIALTIS, your private customer area, you'll get 100% control on your trucks with the overview of all their toll consumption details, invoices, orders, payments…etc.


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