Toll refund for section Aulla - La Spezia Santo Stefano Magra and vice versa

- post collapse of viaduct on river Magra (updated procedure)

With regard to the initiative promoted by the concessionaire SALT in agreement with MIT and following the collapse of the viaduct over the Magra river (in the municipality of Aulla), which provides for the reimbursement of the cost of the motorway toll for the Aulla - La Spezia Santo Stefano Magra section and vice versa, we inform you that you can also send the request form by e-mail to

Below are the methods for reimbursement to the concessionaire:

Refund procedure:

  • please fill in the attached form "SALT_Richiesta_Agevolazione_Aulla-La_Spezia" all customers (Telepass and not Telepass) and send it via mail to the concessionaire. The form must be filled in in all its parts, signed by the Truck Company and sent to the following address:

    Spettabile SALT p.a.
    Ufficio Pedaggio
    Via Don E. Tazzoli, 9

  • please fill in the form in all its parts and send a scanned copy signed by the customer to