Important information for travel to the UK from the 8th of June 2020

14 day quaratine period

The UK Government is introducing a 14 day quarantine period for all passengers arriving in the country starting from Monday the 8th of June.
Certain exemptions have been established, including for truck drivers. This means that your drivers are exempt from this quarantine period whilst at work.

They will, however, need to comply with the requirement to complete an online declaration of the reason for their journey using the following link:
Your driver cannot submit this form until 48 hours before their arrival time in the UK.

Any non-driving passenger in the cab will not be exempt from quarantine requirements and risks being refused entry to the UK, so please ensure that only persons directly involved in freight transport are carried on board your trucks.

Visit for more information.


Do drivers have to fill out an online declaration for every journey?

Yes. Drivers must fill out an online declaration before every single journey into the UK and UK Border Force will be performing checks. The person making the booking should confirm that either the driver or their representative has filled out a form for their journey. Any drivers who have not filled out the form may face financial penalties and may either be delayed or turned back by UK Border Force when they try to enter the UK.

Can someone else fill out the form on behalf of the driver?

Yes. But note that the form requires various personal details about the driver, including their passport number and email address, so the person filling out the form must have those details. If the driver does not have an email address, then either their company email address can be used or

Do drivers need to carry a hard copy of the form with them on their journey?

No. A hard copy is not necessary, however, drivers must be able to provide the reference number from their form to UK Border Force, on request, on each and every journey. This is so that UK Border Force can check the driver’s details on their system.