Soon it's time for winter tyres

Winter is coming, so it is important to be aware of the rules about winter tyres, especially the new rules in Norway and upcoming rules in Germany and Sweden.

The winter season is fast approaching and it is important to focus on ensuring that the vehicles comply with the regulations in force in the countries in which the vehicles are driven.

This year, you must pay special attention to the new and upcoming rules for winter tyres in Norway.

Norway gets new rules

Norway introduces new requirements for winter tyres - but with a transitional period of one year, which means that you can continue to use M+S marked tyres in the winter of 2019/2020, if they are particularly suitable for winter driving.

Only 3PMSF marked tyres may be used on steering front axles and drive axles from the winter of 2020/2021 and onwards.

Also new is that snow chains must be adapted to the wheel and tyre size from 1 November 2019.

M+S marked tyres remain the minimum requirement on other axles as well as on trailers, if they are particularly suitable for winter driving.

The minimum legal tread depth remains 5 mm on all the truck’s tyres.

In addition to these new requirements, a modification and increase of the fine rates has been introduced to the use of unsuitable or damaged tyres or by missing or unadjusted snow chains. In the future, the total fine rate will be calculated based on an infringement fee for each tyre or snow chain, which means the more infringements, the greater the total fine.

Please note that the Norwegian authorities only accept M+S marked tyres that are particularly suitable/manufactured for driving during winter. Please provide documentation if possible.

Sweden and Germany

Recently, stricter requirements for winter tyres on drive axles and front axles on heavy motor vehicles have already been introduced in Sweden and Germany. These axles must be fitted with 3PMSF marked tyres, as in Norway.

However, a transitional period has been introduced in Sweden and Germany until 2024, where M+S marked tyres are under certain conditions still allowed to be used during winter. In Germany, M+S marked tyres with a production date after 31 December 2017 are not included in the transitional scheme.